Our Mission

We encourage and value the input of the individuals we support, their families and friends in determining the direction, vision and mission of the Service.


FlexAbility Support Association is a family support organisation that works in collaboration with people with disabilities and their families to build a valued and meaningful life for the individual through strengthening families and personal networks.


FlexAbility values the unique gifts that each individual brings to bear on their own life and the lives of others. It is our intention to ensure that each person with a disability supported by FlexAbility is given every assistance to enable them to make their unique contribution to community life.


The objectives for which FlexAbility Support Association Inc. is established are to:

  • Facilitate valued and respected roles, skills and relationship networks for each individual.
  • Ensure families have a vision of a valued and meaningful life for the family member.
  • Strengthen family capacity to achieve the vision and goals for the individual.
  • Promote the wellbeing of the family unit.
  • Encourage family/individual personal networks to sustain their vision.

Principles of Service

It is FlexAbility’s intent to enhance the life of people with a disability, and all individuals involved with that person. This is achieved by facilitating the wellbeing of the person, and by providing a variety of lifestyle choices and experiences through in home supports, supported community access, and the opportunity for stronger living and life skills.

  • The Board and staff of FlexAbility commit to forming relationships with the individuals and families supported that are based on honesty, openness, respect, humility and trust.
  • Each person has strengths and expertise, which need to be recognized and encouraged.
  • FlexAbility recognizes that each individual and family has a vision for their future and the work of the Service is to build on this vision and support the family to imagine better. Reaching the vision involves planning for now and the future, this can be supported by friends, natural networks and the service.
  • The core work of staff is to listen to people with disabilities and their families with intent then act with purpose.
  • FlexAbility of service response leads to the right amount of support in the right manner at the right time.
  • FlexAbility has an obligation to support people to contribute to community through generic avenues.
  • FlexAbility promotes the use of natural supports before paid support as a means of building safeguards into the person’s life.
  • FlexAbility supports people in the community in a manner that reinforces their valued status and creates positive community perceptions.